Huawei Cyber Security White Paper Calls for Collaborative Approach to Address Global Cyber Security Challenges

[Shenzhen, China, September 4, 2012]: Huawei today released a White Paper on cyber security authored by the company’s Global Security Officer, John Suffolk. (John Suffolk, was the British Government’s former IT boss in MI 6 before taking job in 2011 by ICT and mobile giant Huawei.)

The document, entitled “Cyber Security Perspectives: 21st century technology and security – a difficult marriage,” outlines the impact cyber security is having on technology, the global supply chain, and society. The development of networks enables people from different regions to have more equal opportunities for development, allows different cultures to communicate on a common footing, and advances the progress of human civilization. While we enjoy the conveniences and benefits offered by networks, we also face cyber security challenges, which require governments and the technology industry to drive forward comprehensive and collaborative solutions.

“Network technology is a remarkable innovation. Open networks have encouraged information flow and sharing, provided more opportunities for innovations, lowered the costs of innovation, and have helped improve the world’s health, wealth and prosperity,” said Suffolk. “This White Paper is a step towards improving industry awareness of Huawei’s global efforts in the area of cyber security and presents our view on actions companies and governments need to carry out to manage the global cyber security challenge.”

Cyberspace is a new and unfamiliar domain that has gradually become the ‘nervous system’ through which society operates. In a world where over 87% of the population are mobile users , the stark reality is that cyber security is a growing global challenge demanding rational and universal solutions. As governments, enterprises and consumers have become increasingly reliant on ICT solutions that integrate inputs designed, developed, coded and manufactured by multiple suppliers around the world, the scale of the cyber security challenge has grown exponentially.

As a multinational corporation, protecting the network security of our customers is in line with Huawei’s fundamental interests. Huawei has established and implemented an end-to-end global cyber security assurance system that embeds safety into internal procedures. The system has been established and implemented across all business areas, such as corporate policy and management, organizational structure, personnel, and technology to ensure its effective deployment and to build an auditable, sustainable and reliable security system.

As stated in the White Paper, Huawei believes that cyber security is a marathon, not a sprint. All stakeholders – governments and industry alike – need to recognize that cyber security is a shared global problem requiring risk-based approaches, best practices and international cooperation to address the challenge.

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