Huawei Unveils Five-year Busines Strategy in Enterprise Market

Highlighting focus on enterprise ICT innovation and integration

with global enterprise ecosystem 

Shenzhen, China, 29 April 2013: Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, announced its five-year business strategy in the enterprise domain during the Huawei Global Analyst Summit on April 23, 2013. Huawei will strengthen its role in the enterprise market by focusing on enterprise ICT solutions and being integrated with the global enterprise ecosystem, bringing faster, better and more Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) saving ICT products and solutions to customers in A Better Way.

“With significant growth capacity, the enterprise market is a core element of Huawei’s overall strategic development plans. The Convergence of ICT has brought about great opportunities for Huawei to contribute to the evolution of this market,” said Mr. William Xu, CEO of Huawei Enterprise Business Group.  “With the industry’s most comprehensive product line and Huawei’s ongoing strategic investment in the enterprise domain, we expect Huawei Enterprise’s sales revenue to reach USD2.7 billion in 2013, achieving a sales revenue target of USD10 billion by 2017.”

Committed to Enterprise ICT Solutions and Being Integrated with the Global Ecosystem

“With product lines that cover various ICT fields, including: enterprise networks, information technology, unified communication and collaboration and enterprise wireless technology, Huawei features a more comprehensive product and solution portfolio than its peers,” said Mr. Patrick Zhang, President of Marketing and Solutions, Huawei Enterprise Business Group. “To enable Huawei Enterprise to quickly respond to market needs, we concentrate our resources on developing advanced and value-added products, contributing to the enhanced competitiveness of the business group and bringing technology breakthroughs to the enterprise market.”

Deeper integration with the global enterprise ecosystem also remains a key strategic focus for Huawei Enterprise. “Huawei Enterprise is committed to ICT solutions with a strong focus on infrastructure in key markets.” said Mr. William Xu.

Adopting a win-win partnership strategy to address the operational challenges faced by many businesses, Huawei engages in ongoing collaboration with channel partners to deliver quality products, solutions and services to customers. As of 2012, Huawei has established partnerships with more than 3,500 channel partners; this number is expected to reach 5,400 by the end of 2013.

A Better Way for Global Enterprises – Faster, Better and More TCOSaving

Looking ahead, Huawei is confident that it will continue to deliver on its value proposition of providing A Better Way for enterprise customers to enhance efficiency and accelerate business success by offering innovative and competitive ICT products and solutions.

Huawei Enterprise has an impressive proven track record for quick responses to customer needs, providing competitive, cutting edge end-to-end products and solutions in a timely manner. “Faster here does not only refer to product performance, or how advanced Huawei’s solutions are. It also reflects our commitment to our customers, and to meeting their needs faster and more effectively. We are in a unique position to better achieve this by leveraging our global platforms, and through our significant research capabilities” Mr. William Xu said. Huawei builds on its extensive industry experience and R&D resources in ICT innovation to offer the most advanced technologies, platforms and solutions to enterprises, addressing evolving needs of customers effectively.

In the United Communications and Collaboration field, Huawei Panovision Telepresence video conference system, which offers high-definition, panoramic image display and superior user experience, has been widely selected by enterprises of all sizes globally, including those from Fortune 500 companies, across over 60 countries. Embracing the rising mobility trend, Huawei developed its Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) solution with industry-leading security features to help enterprises enhance operational efficiency and flexibility.

“Better” refers to Huawei’s commitment to excellence across all its products, solutions and services. An example of this is the flagship industry leading CloudEngine data center core switch, launched in 2012, that can provide a switching capacity three times higher than the industry average.  CloudEngine has already been selected by over 50 enterprises worldwide, servicing key industries including finance, education and internet service providers. Another example is Huawei’s high-performance Tecal RH5885 server, launched at the CeBIT event in 2013, and certified for the SAP HANA® platform.  With its strong and reliable performance, the RH5885 has become one of the best performing products among all the hardware appliances developed by SAP’s partner suppliers. In the field of enterprise wireless technology, Huawei has won 12 of the world’s 17 GSM-R project tenders in 2012 and launched the world’s first 100 megabyte professional broadband trunking solution based on LTE technology.

Huawei has also helped customers reduce TCO with its technical expertise and global platform. Many businesses benefited from Huawei’s’ customer-centric operations, comprehensive ICT product and solution portfolio and full life-cycle services, reducing TCO by over 20%.

“Huawei is always in pursuit of excellence and we are dedicated to being a better ICT partner that offers A Better Way for global enterprises to achieve greater business success.  We will continue to closely collaborate with our customers and partners, to create a robust industry ecosystem and address the challenges brought about by the transformation of ICT,” Mr. William Xu added.


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